• Heather Dearborn

Tune in, The Game is on.

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Washington DC is home to some of the best sports bars and pubs in the country. Some have stuck to the traditional deep-fried food, pitcher filled with Bud light or Miller Lite, wallpapered with flat-screen TVs, and finally the famous greasy buffalo chicken wings. The Game Sports Bar and Grill brings those modern traditions with a twist from the Philippines.

Veteran DC bartender Jo-Jo Valenzuela brings The Game to the neighborhood of Adams Morgan. With the name being generic, the food is far from generic. Specializing in Filipino cuisine and plates, each plated influenced from some of Washington's most well known Chefs and family roots. Each plate carefully looked over and doted by Jo-Jo him self its apparent how love is put into very dish and cocktail.

They all balance flavors and traditions with the refinement of never being strayed away from the roots. Jo-Jo isn't aiming to impress to reach gastronomic heights with his food, but pairing one of his signature cocktails, well enough said, your flavor pleasures will deepen with pure joy and love.

One signature dish is the sizzling Sisig. From its standard issue cask iron pan, this dish screams "take my money" from its blustering hiss and steamy sizzles before it even hits the table- the textures of pig, island heat of sibling labuyo peppers and acid from the calamansi juice- but the winner is the drizzle of chicken liver aioli. These flavors are truly a from a chefs touch, for sure, but it shows respect to genius of the traditional dish.

So you are looking to get away from the leather banquettes, marble bar top finishes and velvet rope lounges. The Game Sports Pub is where you need to be. Jo-Jo welcomes you with an open door and brings joy, passion and love to the game every time. Its a touchdown for the win at The Game Sports Pub.

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