• Heather Dearborn

X Marks The Spot

Here at The Spot, It is all about the tradition

First stop we came upon was Mian Hand-Pulled Noodle.

Inspired by the scrumptious La Mian in China, Mian- hand pull noodle aims to bring that flavor home to Rockville, MD.

In order to ensure high quality, Mian is one of the few ramen restaurants in the DMV area that make our own noodles.

Keeps the tradition of hand made noodles, they feature an open kitchen for our customers to see how their delicious meal is prepared

Second stop was Gong Cha.

Gong Cha offers great teas and are freshly presented. Teas truly fitted for a empire, From Taiwan to the World!

The meaning of Gong Cha in Chinese is to provide the best tea to Emperor from all possessions. Being established in 2006 and expanding to over 15 countries and 1500 locations,Gong Cha had been deeply appreciated by its customers because of good words of mouth and unique customized service originated from Taiwan.

By practicing the core values of quality, innovation, and service, Gong Cha has added trendy elements in the ancient Chinese tea culture and successfully created a novel tea fashion to the DMV.

Finally marking our own X on The Spot, we made shuffled and moved around some empty space in our stomachs to make room for some ice cream.

Inspired from Japanese ice cream Taiyaki and Hong Kong Egg waffle cones. Alpaca Desserts doesn't stir away from tradition.

If you want stomach filling and to use you're childhood imagination to create your waffle cone tower of deliciousness that cant be beat. Alpaca Dessert does just that, this place delivers some of the best in the DMV.

The egg waffle alone was crispy, perfectly sweet, great topping and drizzle selections, generous portion of ice cream.

So if you and your loved ones are looking to explore traditional Asian food culture, Do not hesitate to check out The Spot, filled with other great restaurants ranging from Sushi, Noodle Soup and Poke. Once you have explored everything from Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese. Grab yourself a nice refreshing cold beer or hand crafted cocktail at The Spot Bar, offering a full service bar, small skewer plates and great craft beer. Keep an eye for local events within The Spot, either its an open mic night to dancing the night away from a local band or DJ. The Spot has it all to offer for a great away from the normal night life.

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